How To Sleep With Curly Hair

You know how it feels to go to bed with wonderfully smooth and defined curls and wake up with, well, nothing. If having to wake up with a head full of frizz and knots is your normal morning welcome, great news: you won't have to put up with it any longer. With the right knowledge, it's completely possible to sleep on curly hair and wake up with coils or waves that feel just as fresh and bouncy as they did the night before.

Learn how to keep your curls in place from the minute you turn out the lights until you hit the snooze button.

1. Sleep On Silk

Silk (and satin) pillowcases, which have been popular for a few years, may have caught your eye. While it makes an excellent gift, this is one pleasure you should absolutely treat yourself to.

Silk pillows provide several benefits for your hair and skin, so say goodbye to cotton pillowcases. While cotton might be scratchy and absorbent, silk and satin are silky and resistant, so they won't tug at your hair as you toss and turn or absorb your hair's natural oils, which provide it natural hydration.

If you insist on using pillowcases, you may still gain some of the benefits of a silk pillowcase by wearing a satin or silk hat instead, which brings us to our next point.

2. Wrap it up

A nightly hat or hair bonnet is a must-have in your bathroom or on your bedside if you have curly hair. Try a silk or satin scarf or hat, which, as previously said, will be the gentlest and create the least irritation.

A hair scarf like this can have several advantages: It not only protects your curls from breakage and tangles, but it also protects your bedding and skin from whatever product you've used on your hair. A protective bonnet may save you a lot of laundry time because using rich, sometimes oil-infused products before night can be quite useful for curly-haired girls (more on that later).

A hair bonnet is also perfect for individuals with short hair who are unable to adopt some of the traditional techniques used by those with long hair to maintain their curls overnight.

3. Treat it Overnight

Sleep is among the most important tools for our overall health, although it may not seem ideal for curls, it's really essential to hair regeneration and recovery—not to mention necessary to keeping the rest of your body running smoothly.

When you prepare your hair with treatments that can sink in and perform their magic all night, the hours you spend on the mattress can be even more helpful. In fact, applying rich and moisturizing chemicals to your hair before bed is the perfect time to do so—after all, you're getting about 7-8 hours of continuous treatment time.

Wearing a hat, cap, or scarf can help your natural hair absorb all of the moisture from the treatment you've applied. This will assist to retain heat from your head, allowing the cream to reach the hair shaft and perform its wonders all while protecting your pillowcase.

4. Style Your Hair

Style your hair before going to bed to keep your curls in place and to encourage maximum volume in the morning.

We recommend using a satin hair tie or scrunchie to tie your hair up in a loose ponytail on top of your head. Can you visualize the pineapple?

If your hair is short curly hair, you may do this by tying it up in several tiny ponytails on top of your head. Sure, it's an unusual nightly appearance, but if it results in nicer hair the next day, who truly care?

5. Twist It

Twists are one of the greatest styles to sleep in for natural curly hair. Twisting your curls before bed is incredibly effective for tighter curls.

Simply follow the instructions below:

  • Divide your hair into sections.
  • Make a knot by twisting the parts from root to tip.
  • Using a bobby pin, secure each knot.
  • Simply use fewer portions with more hair for looser curls.

You may also use a scrunchie to twist your hair into a loose bun on top of your head, which is a terrific look for any hair texture, whether wavy or curly. This is an excellent option when you have wet curly hair at bedtime since it reduces knots and fuzz.

6. Braid It

Another fantastic technique to keep your curls in place overnight is to braid it. It is also a good alternative if you're wondering how else to sleep with damp curly hair. A downside to this option is that it  would alter your natural curl pattern, making it wavier or kinkier.

Your morning appearance will differ based on your curl and braid style. Experiment until you find the appearance you like. Consider using a hair styling product before braiding to increase softness, gloss, and hold, which will help maintain your braids (and subsequent style) in order.