How To Use QueenCurler™ Cordless Hair Curler


If you want stylish curls without too much fuss, QueenCurler™ will provide multiple benefits such as making life easier when styling your hair thanks to its easy operation so you can get great results fast!

Note: Before using, please fully charge the product to have the best experience.

Turn it on

Hold the "Power/OK" button down until the LED screen illuminates. Set the temperature, timer, and direction using the "Adjust" button, as directed in the instruction manual.

Start Curling

Insert a portion of hair into the hair chamber. Press and hold the "Start" button and the motor will start rotating and curling the hair.

Release your Curls

Once the barrel has stopped rotating, remove your finger and leave the hair inside. The QueenCurler™ will count down the seconds on the timer. Once the curl is complete, you will hear two quick beeps. Simply move the QueenCurler™ away from your hair gently. Poof! Perfect curls in an instant!