The Best Hair Straightening Comb: BRUSHY

Nowadays, girls are passionate about straightening their hair. Without a question, smooth and silky are all in. However, deciding which straightening tools to utilize is the primary challenge. Hair straightening combs have been increasingly popular among hair stylists in recent years. In this article you will learn everything there is to know about the brand-new BRUSHY product from QueenCurler. 

The latest hair straightening product, BRUSHY, is unquestionably the most effective you will ever use. You get silky, smooth hair as a result unlike a lot of hair straightening combs in the market that ultimately leave your hair looking frizzy.


Key Features of BRUSHY Hair Straightening Comb: 

  • Extensive Temperature Range

It displays the temperature of your tool digitally. It has five different temperature settings based on the condition of your hair. BRUSHY's temperature ranges from 266 to 410 degrees Fahrenheit. This is an interesting way to achieve silky smooth and sleek hair. 

  • Auto-Shutdown 

If you do not use the BRUSHY comb for 30 minutes, it will turn off automatically. It is best because you may forget to turn off your hair comb at times. 

  • The Rate of Heating 

Some hair straightening tools take too long to heat up. BRUSHY, on the other hand, heats up in 60 seconds. This is the quickest and best pace. 

  • The voltage spectrum

The voltage range is internationally dual 110-240 V.

How BRUSHY is the Best Hair Straightening Comb?

  • Many hair stylists have found that BRUSHY produces the best results. No matter how your hair generally looks, it always performs at its best. Your hair can be made smooth, shining, and silky with BRUSHY if it is frizzy, tangled, wavy, curly, thick, thin, coloured, or bleached. It has a wide variety of temperature settings, allowing you to use it without restriction on every kind of hair. 
  • It prevents scaling and doesn't harm your hair's roots. Other hair tools may be uncomfortable and might hurt your scalp and roots. However, BRUSHY allows you to enjoy straightening your hair without having to worry about flames or burning. You won't even feel the brush's teeth if they touch your scalp. Due to the 0.2 safe zone between the comb core and your surface, this has happened. Comparatively speaking to other tools, it has a fairly distinctive design. 
  • By freely twisting the BRUSHY's core, you may create any kind of hairstyle. Due to the cord's 360-degree mobility and extreme fineness, there are no restrictions. All members of the household, including children, should use this hair comb. It can also be applied to the beard.